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Self-service password policies have changed!!!
You now have to answer only 3 questions and you only have to answer one correctly. If you are grandfathered in with 5 questions, you will still get 5 quesitons, and some of the questons have changed, but you only have to answer one correctly. However, you must put a value in each of the fields. To reset your security questions, and we highly recommend that you do, log into PDL and under the Utilities Menu, select Change Password. You will be redirected to the set password and security questions page. To understand the new policies and password self-service, please review the document "New Password Policies" under Hints & Tips.

NASA Certificates Required

See the Configure Browser section for certificate installation instructions.

Active X Controls

If Active X controls are not enabled, please call your IT Support Personnel.
The PDL Helpdesk cannot help with this issue.

User's Guide

For NASA Users, the PDL User's Guide is available in EDMS,
Document Number D683-35473.

Non-NASA users, please call the PDL Helpdesk for assistance.

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Helpdesk Hours : 9am - 3pm Monday - Friday
Voice mail and email left before 9am will be handled the same business day.
Voice mail and email left after hours will be handled the next business day.

Known Problems

PDL Known Issues & Workarounds

Hints & Tips

Turn OFF Pop-up Blocker

New Password Policies

Please review New Password Policies to familarize yourself with the new password policies and new self-service features.

Java Hints & Tips

See Java Hints & Tips to set up Java for PDL.


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Some PDL reports are viewed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To view these reports, the Reader must be installed.


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Firefox is an alternative browser.

Please call the PDL Helpdesk with any MacIntosh computer issues